USDA Regulators: Do Your Job

John Harrington calls on USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to stop pretending he can’t do anything about the rise in the use of toxic, cancer-causing and environment-wrecking pesticides. It’s time the USDA stood up to the million-dollar Big AG/GMO lobbyists in DC and takes responsibility for stopping the poisoning of people and our country’s natural resources.

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Shareholder Convinces Target Corporation to Commit to Stronger Human Rights Oversight

Harrington Investments, Inc., (HII) a socially responsible investment advisory firm based in Napa, California has successfully convinced the Target Corporation to formally step up its human rights oversight.

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Human Rights Resolution at Apple Calls for Greater Oversight to Stop Human Rights Abuses

Harrington Investments, Inc. (HII), a Napa, California based socially responsible investment advisory firm, has placed an important human rights resolution on the Apple corporation’s proxy ballot to address the ongoing abuse of workers at manufacturers that produce Apple products. Apple shareholders will vote on the resolution at the upcoming 2014 Annual Shareholders Meeting to be held on February 28 in Cupertino, California.

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HP Adopts Human Rights Oversight Policies in Response to Shareholder Resolution

Harrington Investments has introduced a shareholder resolution at Hewlett Packer (HP) calling for the establishment of a Board Committee on Human Rights. The Committee would be responsible for oversight and governance regarding human rights issues raised by HP’s activities and provide a vehicle to fulfill the Board’s fiduciary responsibilities.

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Shareholder Pressure Pushes Verizon to Issue Transparency Report

Shareholder advocacy efforts by Harrington Investments Inc., together with Trillium Asset Management and the ACLU of Northern California, have successfully persuaded Verizon Inc. to issue a transparency report detailing U.S.  and foreign government requests for customer data from the telecommunication giant.  In response to the company’s announcement, the resolution was withdrawn.

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Shareholders Challenge Directors to Uphold Morality, Ethics, and Fiduciary Duty At Big Banks, Telecom Gaints

For more than thirty years, Harrington Investments, Inc (HII) has been challenging corporate power, and 2014 promises to be one of the most important years yet, targeting 18 different corporations with shareholder resolutions.

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Community Investing: Making a Difference in the Global Community

Building a sustainable economy will require new thinking about how we invest. Instead of investing exclusively in (“Worry Over Inequality Occupies Wall Street”) Wall Street, with its focus on short term-profit, we must begin diversifying our investment dollars into areas that truly support long-term sustainability.

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Press Release: Shareholder Resolution Calls on Monsanto to Disclose Financial Risks from GMOs

Harrington Investments, Inc. (HII) has re-filed a shareholder resolution calling for the Monsanto Corporation (MON) to disclose the real financial risks to shareholders and other stakeholders for producing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) over the past two decades.

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John Harrington Doesn’t Trust Goldman, JPMorgan Or AIG

Originally Published in ValueWalk

Activist investor John Harrington is apparently a little leery of at least three major U.S. firms: Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) and American International Group Inc (NYSE:AIG). MarketWatch reports that Harrington has filed proposals asking for details on how the firms’ management teams are both ethically and legally obligated to their shareholders.

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Open Letter to Obama Regarding Secret Trade Negotiations on TPP

Dear President Obama,

You should be ashamed to be supporting the current secret trade negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is another pro-corporate measure to continue to destroy American jobs and throw away the ability of Congress to have any input on a major treaty that governs 40% of U.S. imports and exports. Read More »